Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chalkboard visitor's book

Long time no blog. That's what having a job does to me. Sucks out my creative energy.

Weekends have become a time to do nothing as oppose to do nice things around the house. This must and will change. In anticipation of a new phase of creativity, I'm sharing our chalkboard visitor's book.

The thing is, proper visitor books are nice, really nice. But we don't have a villa in the south of France, we don't have a quaint seaside cottage in Cornwall. We have a comfortable apartment in Santa Monica, which is enough to persuade friends and family to come visit. Which is Awesome.

I printed pics we had of when people had visted and pinned them up next to their messages. I also had a bunch of pictures on my phone which i hadn't got round to printing yet - these are some of my Santa Monica faves.

And that's it. Chalk board, messages and photos  = our chalkboard visitors book. Love.