Work in Progress

October 1st 2011

I picked up this desk and chair last week from a charity shop for $20. One of the legs is a bit wobbly but nothing I can't fix (I hope). The top though is quite marked with coffee rings etc. The bonus is it is largely untreated wood so hopefully I can sand and re paint quite quickly. I'm thinking a stained top and painted white body (a bit like this or this) but undecided as yet.

UPDATE - finished desk here 

September 27th 2011

I found this little solid wood bench with under-seat storage on Craig's list for $60 and thought it would be perfect for our hallway by the front door.

It's in fairly good condition with the exception of an old sticky patch on the lid and some dated lining inside. I'm not sure I'm going to do anything to the wood except clean it up. It's got some really nice detail on it that is perfectly good as it is and I don't want everything in the house to be painted pastel colours!  

I just need to make either a bench cushion or some throw cushions to go on it too and update the inside I think. Also need to make a cushion for this rocking chair I picked up in a charity shop for $20. It's in our bedroom at the minute in and again in good condition and a nice healthy shiny stained wood as it is. but then again I could paint it bright red! Maybe not. Anyway, need to get my sewing ON.