Monday, December 5, 2011

union jack cushion

Looky looky....

I just turned these....

...into this:

Isn't it loverly jubberly? My dad has suggested I may be a little homesick.... He's probably right...ah well

I'd been lusting after a nice vintage-y union jack cushion like this or this for a while but couldn't really justify the £80 price tag. Here's how I did it.

Materials I used:

2 thrift store tops and some left over fabric from these chairs
Old pillow case
Fabric glue
Sewing machine
Cereal box
12x16 pillow

I took the old pillow case and cut down the long edges and along the bottom so I had one complete side. I slotted the pillow and pinned an envelope shape wrong side out.

I removed the pillow and ironed the creases so I knew the area I had to work with.

Next I made a template for the flag - I was tempted to do it all by sight but realised that could have gone seriously wrong so played it safe. I used a cereal box because I didn't have any other card to hand (good old Cheerios).

I made the strips first - the "+" one was upholstery fabric and quite thick so I ironed and sewed a seam on it so it was easier to work with.

The "x" was from the shirt - it had a handy horizontal stripe across the chest (why i chose it in the first place ...) so this was easy enough to cut straight - I didn't bother doing a seam on this one.

I also made a separate template for cutting the 8 triangular pieces from the cotton blouse.

Then I layered pieces making sure there was clear space between for the base fabric to come through.

I then sewed the "+" onto the pillow case, glued the "x" and the triangular pieces.

When dry, I turned it inside out and finally sewed along the crease line I had made earlier and cut away any excess material from the glued pieces. This ensured when I turned it back right way and all the edges were nice and clean.

Finished. I love it.

 So does Archie....


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  1. Fantastic cushion! It looks so beautiful on that chair. Archie is a cutie! Next you'll be quilting ;)