Sunday, November 6, 2011

fabulous fabric

My mum came to stay with us a couple of weeks ago all the way from Manchester (UK). It was so brilliant to see her and spend time just hanging out. She came bearing gifts - this beautiful quilt she made for us. I really really love it and it must have taken her ages. How lucky am I?

I love the bright colours against our plain neutral sofas. We spent a lot of time whilst she was here at various fabric stores like Jo-ann's - evidently fabric is much better value in the US so mum stocked up on pieces for upcoming projects.

Unlike my mum however, I am pretty much a sewing novice. To date, my projects had been limited to wood and repainting and a touch of reupholstering - I haven't sewn anything from scratch yet. But at least I'm one step closer - I now own a sewing machine, gulp.

It's a very basic model which is perfect for me and the too long curtains in the bedroom have now finally been properly hemmed and look far neater than my previous hand stitch *pats myself on back*

I want to make covers for some sofa toss pillows and I've pinned a whole load of fabrics I love on pinterest but there are too many, how do I choose?!!

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  1. Oh you are going to get sew addicted!! ;)
    I adore the quilt your mum made, lovely! It does look great with the sofa.
    Love your fabric pins too - there are so many great fabric stores in the US and it's MUCH cheaper. Good job you made savings on the furniture! hahahahaha!