Friday, September 30, 2011

the $0 kurbside chair

Finding this chair right outside my home was awesome. I had been looking for a chair for the guest room anyways and this was a simple enough classic shape ripe for a painting. Plus the $0 price tag meant if I messed it up, it was no big deal.

so before...
I didn't sand it a whole lot to be honest, just enough to create some roughness for the primer to stick to - 2 coats later it was covered. 

(It was cold on the balcony so had to paint inside dangerously close to the new TV...shhhh don't tell the husband). I was tempted to keep it white but stuck to my original plan and went with dutch boy 'founding father' in a semi gloss and 2 coats later it looks like this....

Not bad i don't think and I really like the semi gloss finish on this one. Just a nice simple lovely blue chair. for FREE. yey. 


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