Friday, September 30, 2011

the DIY picture wall

As soon as we moved into our new place I'd wanted to do a picture wall with family photos. We had so much more wall space than we had had previously and we were far from home, it seemed a really nice smart way to have lots of photos up around us without looking too chintzy.

We knew we wanted the frames to look organised rather than random but we had a mix of colours and sizes. To bring it all together I spray-painted all the non-black frames a matt black which still showed-up the detail of them but looked a lot more together. Love a bit of spray paint: 

When we'd finished deciding what photos were going in what frames, and arranged them on the bed into how we wanted them on the wall, then the fun really began. 

We marked out a horizontal line with a spirit level and tape so the bases or tops of each frame along the line would either hang above or below it and bring a bit of organisation to the chaos.

That was the easy bit. Its too long-winded to go though what we then did over the next 4 hours but suffice to say there was lots of measuring, leveling and hammering plus a few broken frames and sighs of despair. But I LOVE how it looks now and it's the first time any wedding photos have gone on the wall since we got them over a year ago (!)

Pin It Word to the wise DO NOT attempt to do this a) in a hurry b) by yourself c) with a hangover - you will give up and have a lot of holes in the wall to remind you of your failing!



  1. I love the pictures and those frames! We did something similar but not nearly so organised :)

  2. Hah! I love how it looks, and that sounds like some very sound advice (especially c.) ;)