Friday, September 30, 2011

the $15 bedroom bench

So also on the wishlist was a bedroom bench to sit at the end of the guest bed for people to be able to stick their luggage on when they stay and these things don't come cheap...$200 up for nice ones.

And then I found this little beauty in a charity shop for $15. Sweet.

Essentially in great shape, just a little scratched and not in need of much except it was FILTHY 

So I got to work with a some fairy liquid, water and an old toothbrush. My cat even tried to help, kind of...

Then i just touched up the legs with white paint and in less than 1 hour it was good as new and sitting pride of place at the bottom of the bed 

I do like it as it is with the clean white leather but the question is, to reupholster or not to reupholster? Thoughts? 



  1. I like the leather it has a nice vintage vibe

  2. If the leather is in good condition, why not leave well alone? White is pretty accommodating, and whatever else is in the room it should look ok

    ( I was sent her by Lucy, to be nosy, I like your style!)